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Group Sessions

Small group training sessions are great for providing a motivational environment for everyone from fitness beginners to elite performers. Being a results driven gym, we target each class towards a certain goal and place the best coach at our disposal to help you get there. Our sessions are slightly larger groups aiming towards more generalised goals. The workouts involved are varied and enjoyable targeted towards overall fitness components such as strength, endurance or just burning calories.

Peak Conditioning

These sessions are broken down throughout the week to target different energy systems the body use to build overall conditioning, from high intensity intervals to steady state endurance.

Either hand pick the sessions to target your specific limitations for sporting performance or mix them all to develop overall body conditioning for general health and fitness.

These varied workouts will make you fitter and faster in no time.

Strength & Power

This progressive class is built upon the fundamental compound movements such as squat, deadlift, chest press and shoulder press. The majority of the time we use barbells and other free weights but can also assist using resistance bands, chains and other equipment.

The benefits of building overall strength Include muscle building (hypertrophy), toning, increased metabolic rate, healthier joints,increased bone density and improved movement efficiency. This class is aimed at anyone from complete fitness beginners to advanced sporting athletes.

S&C Clinic

‍This class is tailored to more 1-2-1 technical coaching. We cover a combination of technique coaching for Olympic lifting and its derivatives, technical breakdown of other lifts and movements, rehab / prehab for current injuries.

If you've found a plateau in a certain movement, want to learn something new, or have suffered an injury and need to get back to full strength, then pop along to this loose structured class!

Barbell Club

‍‍Barbell club is a technical session which covers all derivatives of Olympic weightlifting. We will be breaking down the main 3 movements (clean, jerk and snatch) and work on weaknesses to better your technique.

These movements are useful in most of our other classes, so see this as an awesome add on to your weekly routine!

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