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What do you like most about training at Peak Performance?

  • ”The structure and regular classes.”
  • ”I like the encouragement the coaches give me when I am working out and make me feel like I am doing a good job using the correct technique.”
  • ”The support and knowledge of the coaches.”
  • ”I love the friendly atmosphere, in the past felt uncomfortable at a gym but never have at Peak Performance, the coaches arealways enthusiastic, encouraging and very knowledgeable, and the space is great, there’s lots of space and its very well organised, equipped and clean.”
  • ”The diversity. I love the community and the friendliness. You don't simply go to work out, not speak to anyone, feel uncomfortable and then leave. It becomes a much more enjoyable experience, with good community and great atmosphere. There's also enough to accommodate everyone.”
  • ”The Gym has a very nice atmosphere whilst training!”
  • ”The expertise and knowledge of the instructors.”
  • ”The community and the knowledge of coaches.”
  • ”The community spirit and support for each other.”
  • ”The friendly atmosphere and coaches.”
  • ”The variety of classes, being challenged and the Bants.”
  • ”The coaches, atmosphere and the quality equipment the gym has.”
  • ”Open, clean space with friendly knowledgeable trainers.”
  • ”Great coaching.”
  • ”The positive buzz and the people.”
  • ”Working out with others in a really friendly gym. Just feeling at ease.”

What results have you seen while at Peak Performance?

  • ”Better stamina and strength.”
  • ”I have wanted to get to the gym more, feeling fitter and less cellulite and more muscle tone.”
  • ”A change in body shape, weight loss, and increased strength. I have also grown in confidence and have reduced anxiety.”
  • ”My confidence has grown and feel so much better in myself; I feel my physic is changing for the better more toned and I feel strong.”
  • ”Strength!”
  • ”Peak Performance has massively helped me with my Sport, without them I would not be able to compete at the level I am!”
  • ”Improved strength and mobility.”
  • ”Transformed my entire body image and fitness levels and continued to push me.”
  • ”Definitely getting stronger.”
  • ”So much fitter, happier and people always comment on my legs.”
  • ”Good results, always great seeing people in there, encouraging, knowledgeable and great to train around.”
  • ”Life enhancing in terms of physical changes but also wellbeing improvements.”
  • ”Improved strength and tone.”
  • ”My fitness improves a lot when I go regularly.”
  • ”20lb dropped stronger, leaner and more confident.”

How have we helped you achieve these results?

  • ”Weights and high intensity interval training.”
  • ”Massive support and encouragement. A mixture of classes and 1:1 training.”
  • ”Offering first class instruction, which has been done in a fun way, really look forward to classes, and learnt lots of new techniques, love lifting weights.”
  • ”A mixture of classes, the community helps to keep you motivated. We can track our progress especially in strength and power and this helps me to progress in my training outside of classes and day to day life.”
  • ”The well set out training program pushes me to make the improvements I need.”
  • ”Structured training built around excellent knowledge of the anatomy and training skills.”
  • ”Continuing support and adapting training.”
  • ”I know support will be there when I’m ready to go. But just ticking along for now.”
  • ”Encouragement and patience.”
  • ”Constantly challenging us, no 2 classes are the same.”
  • ”The gyms set up, atmosphere and the coach’s knowledge and professionalism have meant it’s very comfortable and inspiring training at Peak Performance!”
  • ”Peak Performance have built a very inclusive community of likeminded individuals who hold and diverse range of skills and fitness levels. Everyone is made welcome and supports each other to grow.”
  • ”By encouraging me to keep trying to do more and by making classes so enjoyable that I want to keep coming back!”
  • ”The coaches are always motivating and not making me feel like I’m rubbish even when I’m having a rubbish day lol!”
  • ”The coaches at Peak Performance are always there to answer any questions, guide, give feedback and are just generally lovely.”

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