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Meet the team of top strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers at Peak Performance.

Angus Hodges BSc (hons)

Personality: Meticulous | Driven | Knowledgeable

Favourite lift: Ring muscle-up


Movement and Corrective Exercise Specialist  

This is a broad subject that covers how we move as humans efficiently and effectively.

It is used most around injury. Building a progressive program to recover as quickly and efficiently from injury is key for anyone wanting to return to normal life without pain.

The other side is preventative. By moving correctly with proper form, perfect posture and control, we can reduce the risk of many injuries and even reduce pain and niggles from general wear and tear on the body.

“Become resilient and your body will thank you! Discover how much you can really do with no limits.”

Olympic lifting

The 3 Olympic lifts, Clean Jerk and Snatch, are the most powerful movements the human body can perform. This factor makes them perfect for developing strength, speed, power, burning calories and more! But unfortunately, they’re hard movements and can take years to perfect.

“If you wish to become proficient in these movements, take some guidance from an experienced coach.”

Strength and Conditioning for Surfing and Rugby

These are the two sports Angus has worked in more than any others. Developing top level athletes to reach new heights in their performance is not easy especially when working around competition. It’s an everchanging process which needs constant monitoring to ensure progression is evident.

“No matter what your level, additional training out of the water or off the pitch, will see improvements in your sporting performance.”


Angus has been immersed in sport all his life, playing rugby to a semi-professional standard, and even representing England at the under 20’s age group. From here he turned his passion into his career studying Sport Strength and Conditioning at degree level at the university of Gloucestershire.

During his time there he spent 2 years as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University’s basketball team.

Post grad Angus started developing his personal strength and conditioning coaching in surfing working closely with many national surfers of mixed ages in a 1 to 1 setting or small groups progressing their top end performance. This expanded to working closely with a lot of local surf schools and coaches to prep their teams for their heavy seasonal work to make sure they were ready for long days in the water. The Surf Fit program is still developing and incorporating every line of surfer to help progress the sport and its athletes.

After establishing himself locally as a coach Angus took on the mantel of head coach at Bude RFC where he developed further as a technical coach as well as their strength and conditioning coach. This next step as a coach built a lot of core fundamentals as a coach to cover all basis of performance in the sport. Since being more involved in the club, he has worked on many younger junior age groups in the gym and out on the pitch as well as pushing the men’s squad’s performance further.

Posture Analysis and Corrective Exercise was one of Angus’ passions during his study at University. It has been present in all of his coaching since graduating working privately with individuals with issues injuries and prehab. More recently it has been developed further with the “Move Well” stretching program, alongside the resilient strength and movement training carried out at Peak Performance and the clinic held once a month. With the vast range of clients and cases Angus has worked with, it’s becoming easier and quicker to stay injury free and moving pain free, with less stiffness and more efficiency.

Rory Hodges

Personality: Supportive | Patient | Encouraging

Favourite lift: Weighted dip


Body Transformation Specialist

Body transformation is a lot more than a simple before and after picture. Rory believes that the way you look and feel massively impacts on your quality of life and therefore you should make it a priority to live within a body that fills you with energy, confidence and pride. This allows you to live a more fulfilled life with the ability to create more amazing memories. Body transformation is a journey of self-prioritising and self-improvement where you don’t only change the way you look and see yourself, often radically and in a short space of time, but how you control your mindset and habits every day to ensure your progress is sustainable.

Body Sculpting

When it comes to training, Rory’s background has been in the pursuit of aesthetics. Training to develop the body that you feel proud and confident in. Within this you will find various techniques taken from some of the best physiques in the world to burn body fat and gain muscle necessary to develop the body desired.

Nutrition & Habits Coach

If you cannot control the lifestyle choices outside of the gym, then you will struggle to achieve your body goals. Alongside body sculpt training, under the body transformation umbrella is the importance of nutrition and mindset. Ensuring that habits and control around all these areas are occurring will guarantee longevity of your progress, as it will feel natural and easy.


Rory has always been active and healthy, taking part in multiple sports growing up, however his journey in the fitness space started as a teenage when he used it to improve his confidence and self-esteem. Rory focused on developing his own body to create a more fulfilled life for himself, as he felt stressed, unconfident, and unmotivated which was getting him down.

Through a combination self-learning and following various influencers online over the first couple of years, Rory radically changed the way he looked, and this had a dramatic effect on his energy and confidence levels, which led him to greater fulfilment and the ability to create more amazing memories. Noticing this, Rory dropped his previous career ambitions in the pursuit of helping others gain similar achievements to him.

Rory underwent his basic fitness qualifications, gaining his level 2, 3 and then 4th level advanced personal trainer. Following this he also gained a certificate in body transformation, NLP and became a fully qualified nutritionist.

Combining these qualifications with the hundreds of people, men, and women, that Rory has worked with in his years in the health and fitness industry, he has become a well-respected and reputable coach.

Rory is now working with men and women who generally have a base level of fitness already but are stuck making progress in their body shape. Rory shows them how to make mindset and habitual tweaks to their lifestyle, nutrition, and training to achieve the body they want long term.

To work with Rory you can join his thriving community within the ‘elite programs’, where he has created a product to provide participants with a simple and easy process to follow, a support network of expert coaches to guide them and a community of people to hold them accountable and ensure enjoyment. Or you can join Rory on one of his highly sought-after body transformation programs, where you will work with him closely to ensure the fasted and most effective results are gained in the pursuit of looking and feeling the way you want.

Jeremy Latham (FdScSport Science)

Personality: Passionate | Energetic | Personable

Favourite lift: Snatch / Overhead Squat


Functional Fitness/CrossFit

Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. Also known as functional training or functional movement, “It trains your muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports.” – Mayo Clinic. Movements such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting will be made easier with functional fitness integrated into your exercise routine. The magic is in the movement, workouts are different every day and can be modified to help each athlete achieve their goals. The workouts may be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness.

Competitive Swim Coaching / Strength and conditioning for swimmers:

Jeremy has dedicated over 20 years of his life to the Sport, training young to adult athletes in competitive swimming. Developing their skills, speed and strength to be able to move effectively through water, building the racing mind so that they are able to compete to their best ability and giving them the platform to achieve great heights within their swimming career. With this comes a lot of hours of pool time which takes its toll on the joints over time, keeping these healthy through specialised strength exercises is key.

Youth athlete Development

Developing the adolescent or youth athlete is centred around creating efficiency and coordination. The young athlete that is closest to mastering these two qualities is generally the most “athletic.” Efficiency refers to the ability to perform a movement with ease. Co-ordination refers to the ability to control various movements consciously or subconsciously.

“Developing Young Athletes: It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint”


Jeremy has swum competitively for over 20 years reaching a regional and national standard. He started his swim coaching career in 2008 with City of Cambridge swim team, teaching from grass route swimming lessons up to International standard swimming athletes.

He took his first Head coach role at Royston SC at 22years of age and developed a sustaining ethos at the club which achieved multiple regional swimmers during his time, which still stands today and many swimmers have gone onto win at national level and be considered for the GB Swim team.

He then took the Head coach of the GB Transplant Swimming Team (at 23 years of age) which sees over 50 British athletes Compete every 2 years at the world transplant Game (held all across the world ) and has succeeded in 100s of medals and multiple world records being broken and currently Gb is the reigning world champions.

He now runs the local Bude sharks swim team as the Head coach, which is focused developing a winning and team ethos, the club is now at regional competitive standard with national hopefuls in the mix, we have also created a thriving master’s team that is now the biggest in Cornwall and has won the Cornish masters interclub championships multiple times.

Jeremy runs his own Personal Coaching business Leviathan Coaching, focused on Swimming where we show you the best way to be the most efficient through the water you can be and fitness coaching focused on getting people strong for everyday life, breaking through their own limits and bringing their fitness up to the next level.

He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in surfing, kayaking, climbing from studying the sports at university and with many years of playing rugby, cycling, artistic roller skating and many more sports.

Has been training and competing in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting for 3 years now and trains alongside an elite team of CrossFit athletes. A massive part of his training methods includes dealing with an athlete’s mindset and how they go about setting goals, evaluating performances, work ethic in training, dealing with injury, game plans and pre-race routines. This is also how he works with his clients by getting them to think outside the box to understand the process of their goals. Jeremy is a highly motivated and friendly character and will help push you to your limits mind and body.

Warren Rumble

Personality: Compassionate | Relaxed | Devoted

Favourite lift: Barbell Step-Ups


I specialise in supporting fat loss, muscle gain, increasing endurance and improving one’s performance in their chosen sports. However, exercise is also much more than the former, I also place particular focus on helping individuals to gain confidence within their own ability and in a gym environment. These are just some of all things that I can help you with throughout your sessions.

My ethos is to make your training enjoyable, achievable and successful. I endeavour to keep all of my session's fun, yet challenging and engaging. To do this, I employ an array of training methods to keep my clients both physically and mentally stimulated throughout sessions. For example, my sessions vary to and from: circuit style sessions, weight training or fitness challenges, within these individual personal goals are accounted for and each session is tailored to meet your fitness needs. So, what does this mean? I deliver challenging and exhilarating programmes completed with a smile on your face!


Since my childhood here in Bude, I have been obsessed with sport and keeping active. I have previously represented the Cornwall County at rugby and cricket, and now I frequently enjoy playing golf, squash, football and surfing to name a few.

Once at secondary school, the opportunity arose that I would be able to achieve an array of coaching awards as part of my Physical Education qualification. This is when my love for coaching began. Since then, I have gone on to complete various coaching awards, such as my RFU level 2 rugby union coaching award. I have progressed further now and coach primary school aged children their P.E. lessons from all over the county.

Constantly running alongside my own coaching career and sporting commitments has been my passion for fitness and the gym. When beginning training I found this to be extremely enjoyable, and wanted to share with this enjoyment with others. From this, I then decided to complete my Level 2 Fitness Instructing course and my Level 3 Diploma in personal training. After several years working in the local area, and I am now seeking to further my knowledge for my clients by completing an optimum athlete performance course, and a balance and stabilization course.

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